MODTRAN® software can be downloaded from our web site

Contact SSI to get the software, and to receive email updates when updated software is available. PC (64 or 32 bit), Mac (64 bit only), and UNIX/Linux executables are available. The software package also includes a Java GUI, test cases, user's manual, API documentation, and the Algorithm Theoretical Basis document. Users can obtain one or more versions (PC/Mac/Unix) for a single site. MODTRAN® is also available on DVD for an additional charge.

Educators and students are also eligible for reduced pricing. See Price List.


To order MODTRAN® software:

  • Commercial and Educational Users must read and sign an End User License Agreement (EULA) found here. To order MODTRAN®, contact us. The Price List for MODTRAN® licensing and maintenance options can be found below.

  • US Government employees: To order MODTRAN®, contact us. Please read the Terms of Government Purpose Use.

  • US Government Contractors working on a US Government contract that requires the use of MODTRAN®: Evidence* of an existing US Government Contract requiring MODTRAN® is required. Contractors must read and sign an End User License Agreement (EULA). To order MODTRAN®, contact us.

The software is provided to Government Purpose users royalty free. As of February 1, 2022, SSI is forced to charge an annual maintenance fee to US Government employees as well as US Government contractors, in lieu of US Government maintenance support funding for the software. Contractors whose valid US Government contracts have expired must purchase MODTRAN® at the retail price in order to continue use, or contact us to provide a new contract instrument.

*A copy of the contract cover page or a letter from the contractor's administrator verifying the contractual need for MODTRAN® is sufficient evidence.

Price List

MODTRAN Price List (USD)
Government Purpose Commercial Educational
MODTRAN v6.0 Software
with GUI and Aerosol Models
(Includes 1 Year Maintenance)
800 2500 1800
Atmosphere Generation Toolkit 200 200 200
Annual Maintenance 800 800 640
Annual Production Use Fee* 0.1 to 1 terabytes/year data processed 500 1500 1000
Unlimited data processed 1000 3000 1500
DVD US Shipping and Handling   50
DVD International Shipping 100
* The ‘Production Use Fee’ is applied when the purpose is to sell or widely distribute processed spectral data or data products that have been improved using MODTRAN data products. The fee is calculated based on the amount of processed spectral data (measured in bytes per year) to be sold or distributed.

Additional technical support and site licenses are available. Contact Spectral Sciences, Inc.

Price does not include sales tax. Sales tax will be charged where applicable. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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